What is the Capacity of the ICC London Auditorium? - A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the capacity of ICC London Auditorium and other great options for events with large capacities in London. Find out how to search for venues by capacity and more.

What is the Capacity of the ICC London Auditorium? - A Comprehensive Guide

The ICC London Auditorium is a multiflexible event space that can be configured to accommodate a range of capacities, from 1500 to 4500 people. This venue is perfect for any type of event, from conferences to private or corporate parties, product launches and award dinners. It has the largest self-supporting vaulted ceiling in Europe, ensuring ample space and maximum impact for your event. When it comes to finding venues by capacity in London, there are several different ways to go about it.

One of the most efficient and reliable methods is to use the Venues, London website. This is the leading website for unique, large and exclusive event spaces in The Capital, with a portfolio of the best places available for rent. Our venue search platform allows you to filter venues by capacity, location and event type, making it easy to find the perfect venue for your event. The London Conference Hall is another great option for events with large capacities. This large versatile event space without columns can be divided into nine modular sections, making it perfect for events of all sizes.

With its flexible design and capacity options, it's easy to find the perfect venue for your next event. When planning an event in London, it's important to consider the capacity of the venue you choose. The ICC London Auditorium and the London Conference Hall are two great options that can accommodate large numbers of people in different configurations. With their flexible designs and capacity options, they are perfect for any type of event.

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