Coat Check at ExCel London: All You Need to Know

Are you planning an event at ExCel London? Learn all about coat check services available on-site before performances! Explore our range of carefully selected restaurants & bars in London & visit our “What's Hot” page for more info.

Coat Check at ExCel London: All You Need to Know

Are you planning to attend an event at ExCel London and wondering what the coat check situation is? You've come to the right place! In this article, we'll provide all the information you need to know about coat check services at ExCel London. The venue does not offer a coat check service, however, there is a cloakroom with limited capacity available on-site. We recommend that you don't bring large bags or suitcases to events, as they will not be admitted. See our Baggage Policy for more information.

It is important to note that you should not leave any of your belongings unattended. A free cloakroom service for bags and coats is available immediately before the performances. In general, children under 3 years old are not allowed, but the age restriction may vary depending on the event itself. See the individual event page for specific age restrictions.

If you see a blue button to BOOK FREE TICKETS on the event page, it means that you have to book a ticket, and if the event has reached its maximum capacity, the button will appear gray and say SOLD OUT. Age recommendations or restrictions are clearly indicated in the “Important Information” section of each event page. We also recommend that you explore our range of carefully selected restaurants and bars in London. Whether you're in the mood for a nice dinner or a relaxed pub atmosphere, check out our recommendations. London is a thriving city with cultural sites, entertainment and attractions.

Make the most of your time here and explore, no matter how many times you visit, there's always something new to see. For more information about the local area and beyond, visit the recommendations. If you're attending an event in the ICC Capital suite or in the Platinum suite, these areas have their own closets. We have portable battery rental units scattered all over the boulevard (next to Venue Services) and at the entrances to corridors N4, N7 and S. The ExCel London whistleblowing hotline has been designed to allow anyone to raise genuine issues of malpractice or impropriety in ExCel. The hotline will be used exclusively to report possible illegal, unethical or improper conduct when normal communication channels have proven to be ineffective or difficult. At ExCeL we have fast and free WiFi that is suitable for browsing, social media and email. When you arrive at the venue, simply log in to “_ExCel FREE Wi-Fi” using our standard login or via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. ExCel London has more than 40 cafés, bars and restaurants, including numerous concessions within the venue itself.

There are restaurants with table service for more formal meals, as well as a takeaway option. For more information, visit the Food and Drink page. Opening hours will vary depending on the events held at the venue. To find out what's open when you come to ExCeL, visit the food and drink page. No, self-order units are the only way to order at Habanero.

Habanero's full menu is available upon request, including hot and cold beverages. However, items from other food establishments cannot be ordered from here. Parking for commercial vehicles (those up to 2.8 m high) costs £30 for up to 24 hours. The use of bicycle racks is free of charge. ExCeL London does not manage the sale or allocation of tickets. We recommend that you contact the organizers of the event that interests you.

Their details can be found on the “What's up” page. The venue's opening hours are subject to holidays and vary depending on the event being held. For more information about the event you're attending, visit our “What's Hot” page. ExCel London has a non-smoking policy throughout the premises. Smoking is allowed outside the venue. It is no longer mandatory to wear a face covering in public, however, we welcome and encourage visitors to continue using it in busy indoor spaces. Ventilation has been increased, which has improved fresh air circulation in accordance with the latest guidelines and recommendations from the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers).

Hand sanitizers will be provided in all public areas of the venue. Our cleaning team has been trained to provide improved cleaning. All touch points, as well as seats in conference and meeting areas, are periodically cleaned with chlorine-based cleaning fluid. All bathrooms are checked and maintained by a dedicated team of cleaners. The closest metro station to the hotel is Canning Town. Take the DLR (Dockland's Light Railway) from Canning Town to Beckton and get off at DLR Custom House or Prince Regent stations, depending on the nearest entrance to your event. Are support animals allowed at ExCel London? The well-being of our visitors is important to us and therefore we strive to welcome personal support animals to the venue during events.

However, some events may have restrictions where the organizer may have assessed that the specific nature of the event would not be a suitable environment for support animals. Please note that welfare facilities for support animals are not available on site and all owners will be fully responsible for their animal's actions which must be kept under control and with a leash, harness or pet carrier at all times.


We hope this article has answered all your questions about coat check services at ExCel London! Remember that there is no coat check service available but there is a cloakroom with limited capacity available on-site before performances.

We also recommend exploring our range of carefully selected restaurants and bars in London as well as visiting our “What's Hot” page for more information about events held at ExCel London!


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