There are 241 restaurants that are in Vero Beach. Hibiscus City is full of wonderful places to enjoy a meal. A place called The Tides is listed as #1, and I am going to cover that establishment and a few more. We especially have to take a look at one place that has a unique name, The Kilted Mermaid. Perhaps one of these four Vero Beach FL restaurants will make a nice stop for you and your family.

The Tides is located at 3103 Cardinal Drive, and it looks like there are some delicious desserts served up there. The Tides is fine dining, and it features a sunset menu. The Moroccan Lamb Chop Medallions are a favorite there according to reviews. s for the desserts that were mentioned, one of them people rave about is an oatmeal cake.

Next up is Riverside Cafe, and it is located at 3341 Bridge Plaza Drive. Enjoy flounder, peel and eat shrimp, and tuna nachos are a few of the popular menu items. You will find Riverside Cafe is a great place for both lunch and dinner. Perhaps you might try out both meals at Riverside Cafe, but make sure you save some time for these other restaurants as well.

Next is the Kilted Mermaid, and it is located at 1937 Old Dixie Highway. Enjoy pot pies, pound cake, Cheesesteaks and much more. The Kilted Mermaid has a pretty diverse menu, and that makes it a great place to enjoy some unique eats, and reviews say that it is big on fondue. One thing you might definitely want to check out is the chocolate fondue for dessert.

The Red Onion Eatery is a popular Vero Beach restaurant, too, and it is located at 3001 Ocean Drive. The Red Onion Eatery is known for its kabobs, homemade chips, lobster rolls and even grilled asparagus. How does a brownie and ice cream sound for dessert? Another thing that this restaurant is known for is delicious sandwiches.

Think about all the different menu items that have been discussed in this article. There are all kinds of dishes and desserts served up at these four restaurants in Vero Beach FL. What stands out to you right now? I am thinking about the brownie and ice cream. All of it sounds good though, and you just have to decide what you want to eat for your next meal.